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Adult Diapers

Adult diapers can serve as the solution for your incontinence problem. At Medlife online store, you can buy them from top brands like Feel Free, Friends, Liberty, Seni, Stoe and TENA.

Buy Adult Diapers Online on Medlife

Incontinence or loss of bladder control is the most common condition that accompanies the ageing process. Turning to adult diapers can help you avoid embarrassing moments and let you live freely. At Medlife, you will not only get adult diapers for men but also adult diaper pants and briefs that are hassle-free and easy to use.

In addition, we also offer adult diapers for women from a popular brand TENA. Other brands that you will find are Feel Free, Friends, Liberty, Seni and Stoe.

Adult Diapers Price List in India, Best Offers - 2019

Here are the best selling adult diapers and their price list with discount:

Best Selling Adult Diapers Adult Diaper Price (Rs.) Discounted Price (Rs.)

Friends Hospital Adult Diapers - Medium



Stoe Adult Diapers (Pack of 10) - Large



TENA Men Premium Fit Adult Diapers (pack of 10) - Large



Super Seni Breathable Adult Diapers (Pack of 10) - Large



Liberty Adult Pull Ups (pack of 10) - Extra Large



Feel Free Unisex Adult Pull Ups/Pant (11 Pieces) - S-M



Benefits of Adult Diapers

Losing one’s bladder control is not limited to older people. Anyone from the age of 40 can have this problem. Moreover, activities like intense laughter, coughing, sneezing or unavailability of bathrooms can cause uncontrollable bladder movements in anyone. This results in embarrassing situations for the individual who suffers from this condition. You can avoid this by wearing adult diaper pants.


Adult diapers available at Medlife are soft and available in various sizes. They are easy to use solution for any occasion. You can choose between diapers that can be worn as underpants or those that can be worn as pull-ups. When you choose to use adult pants, you can reap the benefits like the ease at which you can handle and dispose of them.

Buy adult diapers online at Medlife and take advantage of the benefits.


1. Is it OK for adults to wear diapers?

Adult diapers are designed for those people who have uncontrolled bladder and bowel movements resulting in unintentional urine or faeces discharge. To avoid an embarrassing situation, it is completely OK for adults to wear diapers.

2. What is the difference between adult diaper briefs and pull-ups?

Diaper pull-ups are similar to the underwear and come with a waistband. In majority of the products, the waistbands can be torn from sides to dispose of them easily.

On the other hand, adult diaper briefs come with open sides. The sides have upper and lower taps that help you fasten them on the sides.

3. What are the various sizes of adult diapers available?

At Medlife, you can find diapers ranging from Medium to Extra Large size. The medium diapers for women have 30" - 44" waist size and a capacity of 800 ml and extra-large has a waist size of 60" and a capacity of 1000 ml. And for men, it is available at large size which is 127 cms to 142 cms in size.