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Bestest BP Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Bestest BP Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


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    Features of BP Automatic Digital Blood Pressure:

    • Clinically Accurate

    • Displays Date and Time

    • Has systolic/diastolic and pulse rate display

    • Calculates Average

    • Low battery indicator

    • Has Memory capacity

    • Automatic power off

    • Large LCD display

    • Prompt heart beat sounds

    Notes for Accurate Measurement:

    1. Best time to take BP measurement immediately is after waking up

    2. Do not measure immediately after walking from somewhere

    3. Any movement or talking is strictly prohibited while BP machine is in operation

    4. Do not sit with legs crossed, legs should be bent from the knees

    5. For getting average remove/lessen he cuff and wait for 10 minutes in between readings

    6. Do not measure right after exercising or emotional stress

    7. To get consistent measurement try to check BP at the same time and same posture

    Direction for Use:

    1. Insert batteries

    2. Insert cuff air plug into the left side of the monitor unit

    3. Remove the thick clothing from arm area

    4. Rest for few minutes

    5. Place your arm resting on a firm surface

    6. Apply cuff to left arm and keep in level with your heart

    7. Press start button to start testing

    Net Package:

    1 Pack


    • Keep away from direct sunlight

    • Store in dry place

    • Keep away from children

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