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Omni Wellness Bio-Av Curcumin 30 Tablet for Immunity, Eye Health, Diabetes, Joint & Brain Health

Omni Wellness Bio-Av Curcumin 30 Tablet for Immunity, Eye Health, Diabetes, Joint & Brain Health


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    Quick Overview:

    Highly bioavailable curcumin, developed using patented Ultrasol Technology, 46 times more bioavailable than Standard Curcumin (95%). Curcumin normally is water-insoluble, hence poorly absorbed by the body. The little quantity that is absorbed rapidly degrades in the body making it a poorly absorbed substance. The patented Ultrasol technology increases the bioavailability of curcumin manifold and it is proven through scientific studies that it is one of the most bioavailable curcumin even internationally.

    Benefits of Omni Wellness Bio-Av Curcumin:

    • Bio-Av Curcumin, a safe and effective natural anti-inflammatory agent helps in relieving arthritic pain and improves joint function.
    • Helps improve brain function and process.
    • Helps reduce the risk of pre-diabetes and progression to type-2 diabetes.
    • Helps protect vision and retina damage in patients with diabetes.
    • Helps improve immunity.

    Key Ingredients:

    Ultrasol Curcumin dry powder


    1-2 tablets a day, after the meal or as directed by your 

    Storage Suggestions:

    Store in a cool and dry place 


    • Pregnant, lactating women or those under medication may consult their physician before taking the product
    • Keep out of reach of children


    This is a nutraceutical product. Not for medicinal use

    About Brand:

    Omni Wellness and Nutrition is a unique Farm to Formulation company with good control on supply chain and unique patented technologies. We follow best in class quality norms, hence our products are safe to consume.

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