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Podolite 407 Victor Gents Slippers

Podolite 407 Victor Gents Slippers


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    Applications of Podolite Diabetic and Orthopedic Footwear:
    Podolite Modern Footwear is especially designed to provide comfort in diabetic feet, low back pain, spinal problems, corns, bunions, cracks, anaesthetic feet, calcaneal spurs, callouses, etc.

    Features of Podolite 407 Victor Gents Slippers:
    Gives relief from painful foot conditions
    Lightweight, flexible & durable
    Proper cushioning for motion comfort

    Color: Black & Brown
    Sizes Available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    Sales Package: 1 pair
    Care Instructions: Clean the surface dirt with a good quality brush or a damp cloth

    About Brand
    The primary focus of Podolite is to offer the comfortable and functional Diabetic & Orthopedic Footwear. They design soft and flexible footwears to absorb shock and shear forces.

    Simple & Essential Foot Care Tips:
    Wash your feet daily with lukewarm water and soap
    Dry your feet and toes well
    File you nail straight across, in grown nails and calluses should receive expert attention
    Always wear shoes that fit
    Avoid foot injuries

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