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The Protein Specialist Whey Protein Concentrate Premium Gold More Milk Chocolate Powder 1 Kg

The Protein Specialist | Whey Concentrate | 25.4gms per serving| 1 Kg/2.2lb ( Chocolate)


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    Quick Overview:

    The Protein Specialist Whey Protein Concentrate Premium Gold is a powerful blend of whey proteins. It has been designed to meet the needs of bodybuilders, soccer players, Hockey players, Kabaddi players, Tennis players, Badminton players, athletes, all other sports persons, and people involved in physical activities. Whey Proteins are fast acting proteins as they raise the levels of amino acid.

    Benefits of The Protein Specialist Whey Protein Concentrate Premium Gold More Milk Chocolate Powder:

    • Builds muscles and produces energy
    • Reduces fatigue of exercise
    • It is quickly absorbed, and as such it helps in the recovery of damaged muscles after a heavy work out

    Whey Protein Concentration is also good for:

    • For the growing teenagers
    • When starting a new program/workout
    • When you are ramping up your workouts
    • When you are recovering from an injury
    • If you are going vegan/vegetarian
    • For weight management

    When to Take:

    EARLY MORNING – After a night of protein starvation, an early morning drink of WHEY PROTEIN is a treat to your muscles. It helps reboot positive nitrogen balance in your body.

    POST WORK OUT – During a strenuous work out your muscles get damaged. A drink of WHEY PROTEIN supports rapid recovery of your muscles. It also replenishes glutamic acid that has been used up during the workout.

    BETWEEN MEALS – The gap between your lunch and dinner being long during which period the likelihood of nitrogen balance in your body is likely to become negative. It is, therefore, advisable that you one serving of WHEY PROTEIN to maintain anabolic sate.

    DURING YOUR SLEEP AT NIGHT – A long night of protein starvation is likely to cause break down of your muscles. To avoid this, you may consider taking a serving of WHEY PROTEIN to maintain the anabolic sate in your body.

    SUPPLEMENTATION OF YOUR DIET – For best results you must ensure that you are taking whole and nutritious diet as well as dietary supplements such as LIVER FIT, OMEGA JOINTS, VITAL BOOST, KIDNEY DETOX DAILY. They will help maintain the integrity of your body.

    Direction to Use:

     Add 1 scoop of Whey Protein Concentrate Premium Gold to 180 - 210 ml of cold water or milk in a blender or a shaker. Blend it or shake it for 45 to 60 seconds to a creamy and delicious consistency. 

    Net Quantity:

    1 Kg


    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Pregnant and lactating women and people with any medical condition may consult a dietitian before consuming this product
    • Store in a cool and dry place

    About Brand:

    The Protein Specialist is a manufacturer of bodybuilding and sports nutrition supplements. All the products of The Protein Specialist are clinically tested and safe for daily use.

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