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Established in 1973, Ensure has been creating highly nutritive oral nutritional products that are being trusted by many around the world. Ensure has always been the most recommended brand among the doctors when they prescribe liquid nutritional products to their patients.

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Once we hit the age of 40, our ability to absorb nutrients from consumed food decreases. This makes our body deficient in nutrients that are necessary to keep us fit. For this reason, you need cutting-edge nutritional products that guarantee you get enough nutrients as and when your body changes.

At Medlife online store, you will find a range of products from Ensure that are sure to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to ease ageing complications. We sell a variety of Ensure powder products that are available at an attractive price. You can choose between various categories including bodybuilding, diabetic care, immunity booster and meal replacement.

With a few easy clicks, you can place an order for the Ensure protein powder of your choice. Once the order is placed, a dedicated delivery executive will make sure to deliver your product at your doorsteps right on time.

Ensure Powder Benefits

With age, our nutritional level changes. This hits various aspects of our body adversely like energy level, metabolism rate, immunity etc. When you choose the highly recommended brand for your nutritional supplements, you are sure to reap great Ensure powder benefits.

- Owing to high-quality proteins content, Ensure supplement can help you increase muscle mass. The balanced macronutrient ratio in the supplement can   boost the optimum utilization of proteins in your body.
- This powder can supply you with carbohydrates and fats that are useful to maintain the energy level throughout the day.
- It improves your immunity to a greater extent with its Vitamins A, C, E, Folic acid, Zinc and Manganese content.
- Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Vitamin B and Vitamin K content can help keep bones healthy, slow down bone loss after menopause, increases bone     strength, decreases bone fracture in people with Osteoporosis
- With its Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), Folic acid, Vitamin A, and B12 content, this amazing powder solves your digestive problems
- Vitamin B1, B6, B2, B12, Iodine and Choline enables improved metabolism
- Ensure diabetes care powder is formulated in such a way that it releases the energy slowly from your system. This enables us to easily maintain healthy   glucose.


1. Can you drink Ensure on an empty stomach?

Ensure is considered as a meal replacement drink. So, it is safe to drink Ensure on an empty stomach. However, it is advisable to drink it slowly in case you have digestive issues.

2. Can drinking Ensure give you diarrhea?

There have been many reports that drinking Ensure can give you diarrhea. However, it happens if you drink it quickly. If you have digestive issues, it is a good idea to drink it by sips at regular intervals.

3. Is it bad to drink Ensure every day?

Ensure health drink is made up of a mixture of essential nutrients that can prove to be highly effective in keeping you active and full of energy on a daily basis. So, drinking Ensure every morning is a great idea.

4. Should you drink Ensure before or after a workout?

Our body tends to absorb nutrients more quickly after a workout session. For this reason, it is a good idea to consume this healthy drink after a workout session.

5. Which ensure is best for gaining weight?

Drinking Ensure Plus is the best option if you are looking for ways to gain weight. It has all that is required and more to help you gain healthy weight.

Ensure Powder Price List in India, Best Offers - 2019

Here are the best selling Ensure powders and their price list with discount:

Best Selling Ensure Powders Ensure Powder Price (Rs.) Discount Price (Rs.)

Ensure Powder, Vanilla - 400 gm



Ensure Diabetes Care, Vanilla - 400 gm



Ensure Plus Powder, Vanilla - 1 Kg



Ensure Adult Nutrition Health Drink, Chocolate (Jar) - 400 gm



Ensure Adult Nutrition Health Drink, Chocolate (Refill) - 200 gm



Ensure Diabetes Care, Chocolate (Refill) - 200 gm