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Essentium Phygen Herbo Rest 10's Capsule For Restful Sleep

Essentium Phygen Herbo Rest 10's Capsule For Restful Sleep


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    Essentium Phygen Herborest CR for 100% Natural Restful Sleep - Patented Technology, 10 Capsules




    • IMPROVE QUALITY OF SLEEP: Jatamansi in Herborest CR is documented to reduce time to fall asleep and increase the duration of sleep. Herborest CR helps in achieving restful sleep and you wake up refreshed in the morning.
    • REDUCE ANXIETY AND STRESS: Ingredients of Herborest CR help in reducing anxiety and enhance ability to manage stress by increasing Cortisol level.
    • IMPROVE COGNITIVE FUNCTION: Apart from helping in restful sleep, Herborest CR can help in improving cognitive function such as memory due to its positive action on neurotransmitters.
    • SAFETY AND QUALITY: Herborest CR is non-addictive and does not lead to habit formation. Manufactured with patented Bead Technology for increased efficacy.
    • DOSAGE: One to two capsules at bed time or as recommended by the physician.



    HerborestCR helps in cases of sleeplessness, stress and anxiety. The ingredients present in HerborestCR helps in synthesis and secretion of Melatonin, the sleep inducing hormone, and induce deep and long sleep. Ashwagandha's rejuvenating and nervine properties produce energy which in turn helps the body to settle and sleep. Jatamansi not only treats insomnia but also treats chronic irritability and nervousness associated with exhaustion and weakness. Regular use of the brahmi is effective in treating mental imbalances, emotional disturbances and also in the prevention and cure of geriatric mental problems such as Amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease. Thus all ingredients in HerborestCR have a role in sleep promotion in sleep-disturbed states.


    Herborest CR is non-habit forming and you wake up fresh the next morning.



    For adults only - One to two capsules at bed time or as recommended by the physician.



    Disturbed sleep and anxiety.



    Seek professional medical advice if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or planning any surgical procedure.



    Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reaction occurs.

    Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.


    Pack size:

    10 Capsules



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