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Face Wash

Face Wash

Washing face is the step one of every skincare regimen around the world. For this reason, buy only the best face wash for yourself from Medlife online store! You can choose from top brands like Clean and Clear, Patanjali, Biotique, Himalaya, SBL, Bakson’s, Moha:, Jovees, Bajaj, Pears, Lacto Calamine, Oshea, Mamaearth and more.

Buy Face Wash Online on Medlife

Washing your face with a good face wash will not only leave your skin feeling fresh and cared for the entire day but also it will help you remove the dirt and pollutants accumulated on your face all day long.

When you are in search for that perfect face wash, turn to Medlife. You can choose between different types of products based on your skin type. We stock face wash for dry skin, oily skin. You can even find separate face washes for men and women skin!

With a few easy clicks, add the product of your choice to the cart and place the order. One of our dedicated delivery executives will instantly reach you to deliver your product.

Benefits of Face Wash

If you are uncertain about using a face wash, then take a look at the below-mentioned benefits that they offer.

  1. Keeps the skin hydrated
  2. Enhances blood circulation
  3. Keeps your skin clean
  4. Exfoliates the skin
  5. Helps your skin be youthful

Best Face Wash for Oily Skin

Every person with oily skin can explain how problematic dealing with a greasy face can be. For those people, Medlife offers various face wash products that come in various fragrances. You can get your hands on Biotique foaming, oil-control face wash with Pineapple fragrance or Himalaya’s products available in strawberry and lemon fragrances and more!

Best Face Wash for Dry Skin

Dry skin is quite opposite to an oily one. It is lustreless, rough and itchy. Washing your dry skin can be troublesome when you do not have the right type of face wash. At Medlife, you can take advantage of products from Himalaya, Biotique, Patanjali and other reputable brands that offer face wash specifically made for dry skin!

Face Wash For Men Price List in India, Best Offers - 2019

Here are the best-selling face wash for men and their price list with discounted rates:

Face Wash for Men Face Wash Price (Rs.) Discounted Price (Rs.)

Himalaya Men Face & Beard Wash 80ml- Pack of 2



Himalaya Men Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash 100ml (Pack Of 2)



Himalaya Men Power Glow Licorice Face Wash 100ml (Pack Of 2)



Himalaya Men Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash 100ml (Pack Of 2)



Mamaearth Men's Refresh Facewash With Charcoal & Walnut 100ml



Face Wash For Women Price List in India, Best Offers - 2019

Face Wash for Women Face Wash Price (Rs.) Discounted Price (Rs.)

Clean And Clear Morning Energy Berry Face Wash 100ml - Pack Of 2


  • 257

SBL Neem Face Wash 100ml - Pack of 2



Himalaya Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash 150ml - Pack of 2



Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Blueberry Face Wash 100ml - Pack of 2



Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Fresh Wash 120Ml - Pack Of 2