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Fast&Up Activate - Orange Flavour - (3 x 10 Tablets)

Fast&Up Activate Orange Flavour - 3x10 Tablets


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    Quick Overview:

    Fast&Up Activate is a pre-workout sports nutrition drink compacted with essential active nutrients that play a vital role in preparing you beforehand for any activity. Activate is a pre-workout drink available in orange flavor is beneficial for all fitness enthusiasts helping in daily activities like running, cycling etc. The body requires energy for intense exercise as the muscles are in a constant state of contraction and relaxation. This action is supported by providing muscles with the required oxygen and nutrients. Keeping this in mind, Fast&Up Activate has been formulated with active nutrients such as L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, and Lycopene making it an ideal pre-workout drink. The L-Arginine supplement increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body which acts as a vasodilator i.e. it dilates the blood vessels for more oxygen and nutrients supply to muscles. This energizes the muscles and prevents fatigue helping in enhancing exercise performance. L-Carnitine supplement helps in the fat breakdown by muscles which prevent exhaustion of glucose reserves of the body. Activate also provides the body with antioxidants such as Zinc. These are essential for eliminating the cell-damaging free radicals produced in the body during intense workouts. 

    Benefits of Fast&Up Activate - Orange Flavour:

    • Fast&Up Activate helps you bring the boost to your workout
    • Contains essential nutrients that help reduce fatigue and maximize performance,
    • Activate helps bring out the best you've got in you,
    • Fast&Up Activate is ideal pre workout nutrition for getting the best performance from your body, whether you're an athlete, sportsperson or an active fitness enthusiast.

    Nutritional Information:


    Per 100 g

    Per 5g Tablet


    366.2 kCal

    18.31 kCal


    27.2 g

    1.36 g

    Total Sugars

    20.2 g

    1.01 g


    63 g

    3.15 g


    0.6 g

    0.03 g


    Drop, dissolve in 250ml water and drink 30 mins prior to your workout

    Net Package:

    3 x 10 Tablets


    Keep away from the direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
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