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Fast&Up Intra-Workout Bundle

Fast&Up Intra-Workout Bundle


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    Quick Overview:

    Fast&Up Intra-Workout bundle aims at providing the body with essential nutrients required during an activity. The loss of electrolytes during an intense workout is counteracted by Reload berry which provides electrolyte balance thereby preventing fatigue and exhaustion. This makes Reload a perfect Hydration supplement as it speeds up the rehydration of the body during different sessions of activity. Along with these, Vitamin C, D3 as well as calcium helps reducing muscle soreness and relieve muscle exhaustion respectively. It is indeed necessary to provide the body with a necessary energy boost during a workout in order to improve endurance and prevent performance restricting factors such as fatigue and muscle soreness. Fast&Up Energy Gel comprises of an energy-boosting combo of Maltodextrin along with Caffeine in tasty strawberry-banana flavor which proves to be an excellent performance enhancer with increased focus and alertness. This makes it perfect for in between exercises where the body is drained of energy. Hence, Fast&Up Intra-Workout bundle is the perfect choice for ideal Intra Workout supplementation.

    Benefits of Fast&Up Intra-Workout Bundle:

    Berry Flavour- Hydration Reload

    • Instant Hydration and Recharge to help you beat heat and prevent dehydration while you train, travel or perform any activity
    • Maintains electrolyte balance to prevent muscle cramps
    • Reduces fatigue, relieves muscle exhaustion and muscle soreness
    • Provide instant and sustained energy

    Strawberry Banana- Energy gel:

    • Instant Energy Gel
    • Maltodextrin + Added Caffeine
    • Ready to Consume
    • Smooth and Easy to Digest

    Nutritional Value:

    Berry Flavour- Hydration Reload


    Per 100 g

    Per 3.9g tablet


    314.62 Kcal

    12.27 Kcal


    77.69 g

    3.030 g


    66.15 g

    2.58 g


    0.74 g

    0.029 g


    0.10 g

    0.004 g


    Strawberry Banana- Energy gel




    102 Kcal


    0.26 g


    25 g


    18.5 g


    0.14 g


    • Berry Flavour- Hydration Reload- Drop 1 effervescent tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it dissolves completely and the drink is ready to be consumed 
    • Strawberry Banana- Energy gel- Consume 10 minutes before and every 30 minutes during training

    Net Package:

    1 Pack

    • Berry Flavour- Hydration Reload
    • Strawberry Banana- Energy gel


    Keep away from the direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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