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Medlife Copper Water Bottle

Medlife Copper Water Bottle

If you are a strong follower of ayurvedic healing methods, then adding a copper water bottle to your daily life is a good idea. Drinking water from this can help you keep the doshas - Kapha, Vata and Pitta, under check. Medlife has its own line of copper bottles that you can order online.

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Copper offers amazing benefits. However, our body is not capable of synthesising them. For this reason, we are forced to rely on external sources like seafood, nuts, grains, chocolates and so on. Did you know that this bottle can also be considered as a reservoir of copper? Drinking water from a copper bottle can supply enough metal to your body.

Medlife understands this concept and has made a wide range of high-quality copper bottles available for you. You can rest assured knowing that these products are made up of 99% pure copper. With a few simple clicks, you can place an order with us. Our reliable delivery executive will deliver it to your home right on time.

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Copper Water Bottle Benefits

  1. Cleanses your digestive system and aids food processing in your body
  2. Helps you lose weight quickly
  3. With its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, copper can heal wounds faster
  4. The anti-oxidant and cell forming properties of copper can help you hinder the ageing process and give you healthy skin
  5. Helps you avoid hypertension and give you a healthy heart
  6. Reduces risks of cancer
  7. Gives healthy thyroid glands
  8. Helps you beat anemia


1.How can you tell if a bottle is made up of copper?

There is a simple technique to tell if the bottle that you just bought is made up of pure copper. Simply rub lemon juice all over the copper bottle and wash it with water. The bottle will turn to reddish colour. This indicates that your bottle is made up of pure copper.

2. How long can we store water in a copper vessel?

To gain optimum benefits from the water you drink, store the water in the copper bottle for six to eight hours.

3. Why does copper bottled water tastes different?

When you consume water stored in a copper bottle, you will find that the water taste varies significantly. This is because, when you store water in the bottle for long, the copper is released to water. Copper, being a metal, imparts a metallic taste to water.

4.How much copper water should you drink a day?

The best way to reap the benefits of a copper bottle is to store water in it overnight. Then, consuming one glass of the stored water as soon as you wake up. For best results, you can consume up to three glasses of copper bottled water daily.

5.How often should we clean copper bottle?

Anything in excess is not good for your health. This includes copper as well. After three months of using a copper bottle, make a habit of taking a month’s break. Also, it is recommended to change the copper every three years.

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