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Newnik IC-700 Printed Cool Pack Ice Bag (Black)

Newnik IC-700 Printed Cool Pack Ice Bag (Black)


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    Quick Overview:

    Get instant relief from pain with?ÿNewnik?ÿIce Bag! This ice bag is the ideal solution to treat?ÿminor scrapes, bruises, muscle aches, sprains?ÿand?ÿheadaches. This cold therapy helps to relieve pain, reduces swelling and speeds up the recovery. This bag is made of waterproof rubberized fabric with a plastic screw cap to prevents leakage issue.?ÿThe top of the ice bag comes with a good heat and corrosion resistant ring and the secure lock system of the lid keeps the moisture well sealed. The wide plastic cap allows easy filling of ice cubes without drips.

    Suitable for:

    • Sprains and bruises
    • Muscle and joint pain
    • Sports Injuries
    • Headache?ÿ
    • Post Operative Care
    • Fever
    • Toothache

    Key Features:

    • Convenient and easy to use?ÿice?ÿbag
    • Ideal Solution to relieve pain and swelling from bruises, muscular injuries, and sprains
    • Reaches to any contours of?ÿbody
    • Economical, Light-weight, Reusable and Children-friendly
    • Ready-to-use anywhere you go


    • Model Number - IC700
    • Product Dimensions - 15 x 7 x 7 cm
    • Material - Waterproof Rubberized Fabric?ÿ
    • Cap - Plastic Screw Cap
    • Color - Black
    • Printed Design

    Instructions for Use:

    • Open the lid in the counter-clockwise direction
    • Fill the bag with ice?ÿtill?ÿtwo-thirds of the level
    • Secure it tightly
    • Turn ice bag upside down and firmly press on the bottom to test for leakage
    • Apply to the affected area
    • Condensation may form after 15-20 minutes on the outside of the bag.
    • Wrap the ice bag in a soft towel to protect the skin and to avoid condensation accumulation
    • Apply ice bag for 20 to 30 minutes (maximum) at a time. Wait one hour between applications
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