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Patanjali Divya Gashar Churna 100  Gm

Patanjali Divya Gashar Churna 100 Gm


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    Quick Overview:

    Divya Gashar Churna is a natural remedy modified to stimulate good digestion, it empowers the digestive system, providing relief from other manifestation like gastric and acidity. Good digestion leads to overall better functioning of the body. The natural ingredients used helps in passing of stools normally so no constipation, it can even bring down abdominal pain which may be caused due to menstrual reasons for women, kidney problems in both and even gastric. Keep yourself safe and strong with this powdered based antidote.


    • Useful in indigestion,

    • Relief from constipation,

    • Aids against abdominal disorders

    • Relief from gastric discomfort


    • Ajawain

    • Kali Mirch

    • Kala Namak

    • ChotiHarad

    • Meetha Soda

    • Nausadar

    • Heeng (Shudh)

    • NimbuSatva

    • Jeera


    As recommended by the doctor




    • This product should be purchased under the supervision of a doctor before consumption of the product.

    • Keep away from direct sunlight

    • Store in dry place

    • Keep away from children

    • Lid must be tightly closed

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