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Diabetes Care

We at Medlife, have an enormous collection of diabetes care products from top brands such as Accu-Check-Prajwal, Sugar Free-Zydus Wellness, Sri Sri TATTVA, Patanjali, Axiom Ayurveda and more.


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Along with maintaining a proper diet and physical activities, it is important to keep a check on your glucose level regularly. There are a wide variety of products available in the market these days that can help you with it. Medlife understands what a diabetic patient needs. So, we have made everything available in our online diabetes care store. Have a look at the products available with us.  

Diabetic monitors

Under this category of products, you will find glucometers and lancing devices.

Glucometers help you self-monitor and assess your blood glucose level and adjust your diet accordingly. With these devices at home, you can avoid regular visits to a doctor.

Lancing device helps you extract a tiny amount of blood for testing. You can adjust the lancet to give the precise amount of blood with no hassle.

Test strips and lancets

Anyone who wants to monitor their blood sugar level must own test strips. You can place them on your finger, palm, or forearm to get accurate results hygienically.

Extracting a tiny amount of blood can be painful. But, a lancet can make it painless, accurate and hygienic, thus ensuring that you have a smile while using our test strips and lancets.

Diabetic footwear

Diabetics are prone to various feet conditions and Medlife aims at helping the patients avoid them. We have a range of products that can make your life easier. We provide insoles, powder, slippers, socks and both men and women footwear. Together, all these products will make your daily walk easier and painless.

Sugar substitutes

Removing sugar and adding sugar substitutes to your diet can make a huge difference. They will not only help you in controlling your blood glucose level but also your weight. We sell sugar substitutes in the form of bars, drops, pellets, powder, sachet, sweetener and tablets.

Diabetic Teas

If you are a tea lover, then you have another way of keeping your sugar level under control. We sell diabetic teas that are healthy and available in delicious flavours. Every tea product is a blend of powerful ayurvedic ingredients that are sure to help you control your diabetes.

Herbal supplements

Herbal products are always healthy. Add them to the diabetic diet and see the difference it makes in your overall well-being. We offer tea bags, seeds, capsules, juice rich with herbs for your wellness. This category also includes a special range of products called Medlife Essential Diabetasafe that will help you control diabetic complications and weight.

1.Can diabetics drink green tea?

Green tea does not only improve your overall health but also helps us avoid succumbing to Type 2 Diabetes. Tea helps in maintaining blood pressure and improves insulin sensitivity. Drinking this magical tea 6 cups a day with no sweeteners will do the trick.

2.Why do diabetic patients need special shoes?

Poor glucose level can damage a lot of nerves that go to feet. For this reason, a diabetic person may face various foot conditions like           gangrene, fungal infection, corn etc. Diabetic shoes are designed in such a way that it improves blood circulation in the feet, keeping feet healthy.
3.Is honey good for a diabetic patient?

Under certain circumstances, honey is good for diabetic people. When compared to table sugar, the effects of honey on blood sugar level is quite low. Besides, honey can improve insulin level, which is the hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar level.

4. Do glucose test strips expire?

Yes. There is a shelf life to glucose test strips. The enzyme present in the test strip breaks down over some time. So, you will start getting incorrect results, which may either show a high or low sugar level.

5.How often should you replace your diabetic monitor?

When you have properly maintained your diabetic monitor by changing the batteries regularly, your diabetic monitor will last for one to two years. After which, you must turn to a new glucometer.