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Actimarin Forte Tablet 10

Actimarin Forte Tablet 10


    • Rs. 299.00

    USES :

    Silymarin is used in the treatment of improved liver function, gall bladder disorders, high blood sugar, cirrhosis, hepatic disorders and gallstones. Ursodeoxycholic acid also called as ursodiol is a bile acid used to dissolve gallstones or prevent the formation of gallstones, to treat hepatic disorders, cirrhosis, and other conditions. Ursodeoxycholic acid tablets are prescribed to the patients who cannot undergo surgery for the removal of gallstones. It is also prescribed for patients who are overweight as overweight is one of the risk factor for developing gallstones.

    How does the drug work?

    Silymarin is an active constituent obtained from milk thistle seed (Silybum marianum). It helps in protecting the liver form toxic chemicals. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ursodeoxycholic acid acts by decreasing the production of cholesterol and dissolving the cholesterol in the bile, thereby prevents the formation of stones in the gall bladder.

    What are the common side effect?

    The common side effects of silymarin are nausea, abdominal bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain and loss of appetite. The common side effects of Ursodeoxycholic include a sore throat, itching, rash, nasal congestion, cold symptoms, sneezing, loose motion, nausea, headache, dizziness, and stomach pain.

    Important Info

    • Individuals suffering from diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine fibroids should not take tab Actimarin.

    • Do not use Actimarin tablet along with other medications as it may cause adverse effects. Consult the doctor before using the drug Actimarin.

    • Follow the instructions of the physician carefully regarding the Actimarin dosage. Do not take more than what is prescribed. It can increase the Actimarin side effects which overweigh its USES.

    • Avoid consuming alcohol as it may worsen the side effects of Actimarin.

    • Take the drug Actimarin with food to avoid stomach upset. Consult the doctor in case of diarrhea as it may require a reduction in dose or discontinuation of the treatment.

    • People who are allergic to Actimarin or its ingredients should not use Actimarin medicine Do not take Actimarin without informing the doctor.

    • Avoid activities which require alertness such as driving or using heavy machinery as the drug may cause dizziness.

    • Patients on Actimarin drug should get the liver function test performed regularly every 4 weeks for the first 3 months of the treatment.

    • If the symptoms worsen at the beginning of treatment; consult the doctor about reducing the initial dose.

    • Patients using Actimarin for the treatment of gallstones should get a scan for gall bladder after the first 6-10 months of treatment.

    FAQs :

    1. The doctor prescribed silymarin for my spouse when he was suffering from gallstones. Can I take the same medicine for gallstones? No. Do not self-medicate. Consult your doctor before starting or continuing the use of silymarin.

    2. Does silymarin have estrogen? Silymarin does not have estrogen though it acts like estrogen.

    3. Can a person get addiced to the use of silymarin? Yes. Prolonged use of silymarin may develop dependence and addiction.

    4. Does consumption of silymarin reduce cholesterol level, diarrhea and bilirubin? Diarrhea is one of the common side effects of silymarin. There is no clinical effect observed on cholesterol and bilirubin.

    5. Is silymarin a flavonoid? Yes, silymarin contains a mixture of flavonolignans which include silibinin, isosilibinin, silicristin and silidianin.

    1. Is ursodeoxycholic acid a steroid? No. Ursodeoxycholic acid is similar to a naturally produced bile salt.

    2. How frequently do I need to use ursodeoxycholic acid tablet? Ursodeoxycholic acid is generally prescribed thrice or twice daily. However, consult your doctor before taking the tablet.

    3. Is it safe to use ursodeoxycholic acid during pregnancy? It is probably safe to take ursodeoxycholic acid during pregnancy. However, consult your doctor before taking any medication during pregnancy.

    4. Does ursodeoxycholic acid cause weight gain? No, ursodeoxycholic acid has no effect on weight.

    5. Can I take ursodeoxycholic acid with Gelusil? No. Gelusil is an antacid and may decrease the effect of ursodeoxycholic acid when taken together.

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