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Andriol Testocaps 3

Andriol Testocaps 3


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    Testosterone is a sex hormone. Its supplement forms are used to treat its deficiency in males. It is given to treat delay in puberty and impotence in males. In females, testosterone injection helps to treat breast cancer which has spread to the other parts.

    How does the drug work ?

    Testosterone is similar to the naturally produced sex hormone and thus, fulfills the adequacy.

    What are the common side effects ?

    The side effects which are common with testosterone are breast swelling, increase in facial hair, pattern baldness, headache, anxiety, tingling, and numbness.

    Important Information for Safe Use:

    • Males with breast cancer or prostate cancer and people with severe liver or kidney or heart problems should not take the Andriol Test medicine.

    • Pregnant women, those planning for pregnancy and lactating females should avoid the Andriol Test use.

    • Frequent monitoring of hemoglobin levels is required especially in children receiving the Andriol Test medicine.

    • Consult the doctor if any signs of masculinity develop such as facial hair, deep voice, etc. with the use of the Andriol Test drug.

    • Taking the exact dose as instructed by the doctor can reduce the chances of Andriol Test side effects.

    • Bone growth should be checked for every 6 months in boys using Andriol Test medication.


    1. Is testosterone a steroid drug? Yes. Testosterone is steroidal in nature like other androgens.

    2. Can I take testosterone injection to build my muscles? Muscle weakness and loss of strength occur with testosterone deficiency and can be treated by giving the testosterone injection. However, consult a doctor before taking this injection.

    3. Can I take testosterone if I have high blood pressure? No. Do not take testosterone if your blood pressure is high as it can get worsened with this medicine.

    4. How is the testosterone injection given? Testosterone injection is given into a muscle by a health care provider, usually for every 2-4 weeks.

    5. Can I use testosterone to improve athletic performance? Testosterone does not improve athletic performance and should not be used for this purpose.

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