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Andulfa 100 Mg Injection 1

Andulfa 100 Mg Injection 1


    • Rs. 8,466.66


    Anidulafungin is recommended in treating certain types of fungal infections and aspergillus infections.

    How does the drug work ?

    Anidulafungin is an echinocandin antifungal drug which acts by inhibiting the action of glucan synthase enzyme and further leads to the death of the sensitive fungi.

    What are the common side effects ?

    The common side effects associated with Anidulafungin are chest pain, difficulty in breathing, fever, body pain, chills and flu like symptoms.

    Important Information for Safe Use:

    • Andulfa drug should be used only when prescribed the doctor.

    • Take Andulfa drug exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Do not over dose it.

    • Maintain caution while using Andulfa drug in case of any liver or kidney disease.

    • Consult a doctor before using Andulfa drug during pregnancy and breast feeding.

    • Do not drink alcohol while using Andulfa drug, as alcohol may interfere with the action of Andulfa drug.


    1. Can I take Anidulafungin for treating viral infections? No, Anidulafungin is only recommended to treat fungal infections.

    2. Can I stop using Anidulafungin if I start feeling well? No. Do not stop Anidulafungin in the middle of the treatment even on feeling better.

    3. Can I drink alcohol while using Anidulafungin? No. Do not drink alcohol while using Anidulafungin, as alcohol may interfere with the effect of this drug.

    4. Is it necessary to inform the doctor about all my medical conditions before using Anidulafungin? Yes. It is necessary to inform the doctor about all your medical conditions before using Anidulafungin.

    5. Can I use antibiotics along with Anidulafungin? No. Do not use antibiotics along with Anidulafungin until advised by the doctor.

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