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Angiplat 2.5 Mg Capsule 25

Angiplat 2.5 Mg Capsule 25


    • Rs. 108.00


    Nitroglycerin is used in controlling and preventing high blood pressure during any surgery. It also helps in controlling heart attack and treating chest pain.

    How does the drug work ?

    Nitroglycerin belongs to the class of nitrates which acts by widening and relaxing the blood vessels to allow the free flow of blood and to supply enough oxygen to reduce the overload of heart.

    What are the common side effects ?

    The common side effects associated with Nitroglycerin are dizziness, increased heart rate, orthostatic hypotension and headache.

    Important Information for Safe Use:

    • Angiplat should be used only when advised by the doctor.

    • Take Angiplat exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Do not over dose it.

    • Do not take aspirin along with Angiplat as these drugs causes severe drug interactions when used together.

    • Avoid alcohol while using Angiplat.

    • Maintain caution while using Angiplat in case of any liver or kidney disease.


    1. Can I take Nitroglycerin in case of hypotension? No. Do not take nitro-glycerine in case of hypotension, because this tablet is recommended in case of hypertension.

    2. In which condition Nitroglycerin is recommended? Nitroglycerin is recommended in case of hypertension, heart attack and chest pain.

    3. Can I drink alcohol while using Nitroglycerin? No, avoid drinking alcohol while using Nitroglycerin.

    3. I am heart patient and i am about to participate in a marathon. How should i take nitroglycerin? Nitroglycerin in advised to take 10 minutes before doing any physical activities. Talk to doctor before taking it.

    4. In which forms does Nitroglycerin is available? Nitroglycerin is available in the form of spray, tablets or extended release capsule, powder and injection.

    5. Can I use Nitroglycerin in case of anaemia? No. Do not use Nitroglycerin in case of anemia.

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