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Angloderm Cream 5 Gm

Angloderm Cream 5 Gm


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    Beclomethasone is used to treat fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, swelling and redness of the skin, and itching. Additionally, it is used to treat skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Clioquinol is used for treating bacterial and fungal infections of the ear and skin infections. Gentamicin is used as an antibiotic for various bacterial skin infections. Tolnaftate is used to treat bacterial and fungal infection of the skin.

    How does the drug work ?

    Beclomethasone is a glucocorticoid receptor agonist. It acts by inhibiting the release of arachidonic acid, lipocortin, and phospholipase proteins. This prevents the biosynthesis of prostaglandins and leukotrienes from the immune cells. Prostaglandins and leukotrienes are responsible for development of skin diseases and infections. Clioquinol acts by preventing the synthesis of DNA in the bacteria and fungi, thus, killing them. Gentamicin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic that disturbs the production of certain bacterial proteins which are essential for their survival. As this drug kills the bacteria it is used in the treatment of skin problems due to bacterial infections. Tolnaftate drug acts by inhibiting the growth and spread of bacterial and fungal infections on the body. It makes a protective covering over the skin therefore preventing the growth and spread of infections on the body.

    What are the common side effects ?

    The common side effects of beclomethasone are skin thinning, hives, irritation at the site of application, burning sensation, blistering, numbness, and prickling feelings. The side effects which are common with clioquinol are itching, rash, burning, redness and swelling. The most common side effects of gentamicin include sensitization or allergic reactions which may cause skin redness, swelling or rash, irritation, burning and hearing difficulty. The common side effects associated with tolnaftate medication include skin inflammation and allergic skin reaction.

    Important Information for Safe Use:

    • Take the medication as per the instructions given by the doctor. Do not discontinue the medication without consulting the doctor.

    • Patients who are allergic to the active ingredients or the drugs of the similar class should avoid using Angloderm medication.

    • Pregnant, and breastfeeding women should seek a doctor’s advice for using Angloderm medication.

    • Inform the doctor if there is any sign of rash, swelling, inflammation or redness of the skin.


    1. Can I use beclomethasone cream on my face to treat acne? No, patients should not apply beclomethasone cream on the face.

    2. Is beclomethasone used for hair growth? Yes, beclomethasone facilitates hair growth.

    3. Is beclomethasone recommended for diaper rash? No, beclomethasone should not be used for diaper rash.

    4. What care should I take while applying beclomethasone in the groin area? While using beclomethasone in the groin area, use it for only two weeks or as prescribed. Apply the cream sparingly and wear loose-fitting clothes.

    5. Can I use beclomethasone cream for my underarm infection? No, you should not use beclomethasone cream for treating under arm infections. Clioquinol

    1. Should I tell my doctor about the use of clioquinol before undergoing a thyroid test? Yes. You should tell the doctor about the use of clioquinol before undergoing thyroid test because the drug can interfere with the test results.

    2. Is clioquinol safe for use in children? Do not use clioquinol for children below 2 years of age. Ask a doctor before using clioquinol for a child.

    3. What is the dose of clioquinol for adults? The dosage of clioquinol depends upon the individual. So, ask a doctor.

    4. How long can I use clioquinol cream? Use the clioquinol cream for the prescribed duration. Do not use it for more than a week.

    5. What if I miss a dose of clioquinol? Use the missed dose of clioquinol immediately as you remember. But if it is nearly time for the next dose, then skip the missed dose and continue with the next at its regular time. Gentamicin

    1. What if I overdose? An overdose of gentamicin may cause drooping eyelids, increased production of liver enzyme, skin redness, numbness, ear damage etc.

    2. I am experiencing ringing in ears while using gentamicin. Should I stop using it? Yes, neomycin causes ringing in ears (tinnitus) which is one of the symptoms of ear damage. Report it to the doctor immediately.

    3. Can I use gentamicin for pimples on face? Do not use gentamicin cream for face unless advised by the physician as it may damage the skin.

    4. Can I use gentamicin for the treatment of itchy skin rash? Gentamicin is used for treating skin problems but consult your doctor before using the cream.

    5. What should I do if I forget a dose? As soon as you remember, apply the missed dose. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and continue with regular dosing. Avoid applying double dose to make up for a missed dose. Tolnaftate

    1. Is Tolnaftate drug safe to use? Yes, tolnaftate drug is safe to use when taken at doses prescribed by the doctor.

    2. Is tolnaftate effective to treat jock itch? Yes, tolnaftate drug is effective enough to treat jock itch.

    3. How does the drug work? The drug show its action by preventing the growth and spread of bacterial and fungal infections in the body.

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