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Ap Cobal 0.25/10 Mg Capsule 10

Ap Cobal 0.25/10 Mg Capsule 10


    • Rs. 79.33


    Alprazolam uses include treatment of anxiety associated depression and panic disorders. It is the most commonly prescribed medication to relieve nervousness. Propranolol uses include treating high blood pressure, arrhythmia, tremors, anxiety, and chest pain. It is also used to prevent heart attack, esophageal varices, and migraine headache. It is also used to relieve symptoms of thyrotoxicosis.

    How does the drug work ?

    Alprazolam belongs to the class of drugs called benzodiazepines. It alters the chemical activity in the brain to reduce abnormal excitement, anxiety and worry; it is also helpful in promoting sleep. Propranolol is a beta blocker that blocks the beta receptors present on various parts of the body. Beta receptors cause the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline (fight or flight hormones).

    What are the common side effects ?

    Alprazolam drug side effects include constipation, drowsiness, dry mouth, irritation, depression, altered speech, vertigo, abnormal involuntary movements. The common side effects of propranolol are decreased heart rate, sleep disturbances, dizziness, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and changes in vision.

    Important Information for Safe Use:

    • Do not increase or decrease the dose of the AP Cobal drug, without consulting the doctor.

    • Avoid activities such as driving and operating machinery because AP Cobal may cause dizziness, confusion, and drowsiness as side effects.

    • Avoid consuming alcohol when on AP Cobal medicine as it may cause excessive sedation.

    • Avoid using AP Cobal during pregnancy, as it is unsafe, and may cause defects in fetus.

    • Take the drug with or without food but take at a fixed time.

    • Do not take AP Cobal if there is any past history of allergic reactions to any of the ingredients present in it.

    • Do not take AP Cobal in asthma, bronchitis, atrioventricular blockage, sinus bradycardia, and liver impairment.


    1. Can I take alprazolam for insomnia? Yes. Alprazolam is an effective medication for anxiety associated insomnia.

    2. Can I take alprazolam during lactation? No. Alprazolam can pass into the breast milk and may harm the baby. Consult your doctor before taking the drug.

    3. What is the maximum dose of alprazolam per day in the treatment of panic disorders? The maximum dose of alprazolam per day in the treatment of panic disorders is 10mg. Seek medical advice to avoid complications.

    4. Is alprazolam beneficial only for insomnia? Alprazolam is the best medicine for insomnia and depression as well.

    5. Does alprazolam cause addiction? Yes, alprazolam causes addiction. Use the drug only when prescribed. Propranolol

    1. What is the dose of propranolol to treat hypertension? The initial dose of propranolol tablets is 40mg twice a day and maintenance dose is 120 to 240 mg per day.

    2. Can I take propranolol during pregnancy? Propranolol should not be used during pregnancy unless prescribed by the doctor.

    3. Can propranolol be used for inducing sleep? Propranolol may cause drowsiness, but the main effect of propranolol is reducing blood pressure. So, do not misuse the drug and use it as prescribed by your doctor.

    4. Does propranolol cause memory loss? Propranolol medication causes memory loss as a side effect. However, it is not seen in all the patients who are using propranolol.

    5. Can propranolol be used for the long term? Yes. Propranolol can be used for long term depending on your condition.

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