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Appamide Eye Drops 5 Ml

Appamide Eye Drops 5 Ml


    • Rs. 49.50


    Chlorbutol: Chlorbutol is used for the treatment of pain associated with scratches, minor cuts, soreness, etc. It also has preservative action. Tropicamide: Tropicamide is used for dilation of the eyes during examination or before surgery. It also prevents eye from focusing. Tropicamide is also used for inflammation of uvea, middle layer of the eye.

    How does the drug work ?

    Chlorbutol: The mechanism by which chlorbutol acts, is not clear yet. It may inhibit sodium channels in the neural membrane, thus, blocking the transmission of nerve impulses related to pain. Tropicamide: Tropicamide belongs to the class called anti cholinergics. It acts by dilating the pupil by relaxing the muscles of the eye. It widens the pupil and allows examining the eye clearly.

    What are the common side effects ?

    Chlorbutol: The common side effects of chlorbutol are burning sensation, swelling under the skin, and some allergic reactions. Tropicamide: The commonly reported side effects of tropicamide are burning, stinging, redness of the eye, eye irritation, blurred vision, confusion, fainting, and vision changes..

    Important Information for Safe Use:

    • Avoid smoking while using Appamide medicine.

    • Use Appamide medicine only on medical prescription.

    • Appamide medication is recommended at bed time.

    • Avoid using Appamide Medicine if allergic to any of the ingredients in it.

    • Stop using Appamide medicine if red or inflamed eyes are developed.

    • Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery if blurred vision is experienced after using Appamide medicine.


    1. How to store chlorbutol? Store chlorbutol below 30 degrees celcius. Protect it from sunlight and heat. Do not refrigerate.

    2. Is chlorbutol safe to use during pregnancy? Due to unknown safety of the compound for the developing baby, use it with caution during pregnancy.

    3. Is it safe to drive after consuming chlorbutol? If you have drowsiness, hypotension or dizziness with chlorbutol, then you should not drive. Check how your body reacts to the medicine and decide accordingly.

    4. Can I stop taking chlorbutol at once? Some medicines should be tapered before discontinuing while others can be stopped at once. So, ask a doctor for advice.

    5. How long can I use chlorbutol? Do not use chlorbutol for more than 7 days unless told by your physician. Tropicamide:

    1. Is it safe to take alcohol while using Tropicamide? There are no adverse effects reported for Tropicamide medication with alcohol. However, consult your doctor for safe use of the medication.

    2. Is it safe to use Tropicamide along with pilocarpine? No. The combination of pilocarpine and Tropicamide is unsafe and should be avoided.

    3. Can Tropicamide be used for mountain sickness? Yes. Tropicamide can be used to treat mountain sickness. Talk with your doctor before using the drug for mountain sickness.

    4. Does Tropicamide treat seizures? Yes. Tropicamide can treats symptoms of seizures by blocking nerve discharges that contribute to seizures.

    5. In which conditions, I should avoid Tropicamide? Patients with adrenal gland problems, low blood potassium and sodium levels, kidney and liver problems (cirrhosis), or other electrolyte problems should avoid Tropicamide drug.

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