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Arbitus 250 Mg Tablet 120

Arbitus 250 Mg Tablet 120


    • Rs. 38,004.17


    Abiraterone acetate is given for the treatment of prostate cancer in adult males. It helps in the treatment of prostate cancer which has spread to the other areas of the body.

    How does the drug work ?

    Abiraterone acetate belongs to the group of drugs called antiandrogens. It prevents the production of the male sexual hormone testosterone, thus, delaying the growth of the prostate gland.

    What are the common side effects ?

    The most common side effects reported with the use of Abione tablet are joint pain or swelling, shortness of breath, anemia, an increase in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, vomiting, diarrhea, and weakness.

    Important Information for Safe Use:

    • If previously allergic to abiraterone acetate, then do not take Arbitus.

    • Men who are taking the Arbitus should adopt effective birth control measures for the safety of their partner.

    • In the case of bone pain with Arbitus medicine, contact a doctor. This is because of the risk of fractures with abiraterone acetate.

    • If any surgery has to be undergone, inform the surgeon about the use of Arbitus medication.

    • Let the doctor know if any conditions such as high glucose levels, swelling of hands and legs are present. Certain precautions may be provided by the doctor to be followed by such patients.

    • Pregnant and lactating females should consult a doctor before taking Arbitus drug. This is because the drug is not very safe for the baby.

    • This medicine is not for use in men aged below 18 years.

    • If ketoconazole was used in the past for the treatment of prostate cancer, then inform the doctor.

    • Take the medicine exactly as directed by the physician. Swallow the Arbitus as a whole without crushing or chewing.


    1. How should I take abiraterone acetate tablets? Take the abiraterone acetate tablets at least 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after meals. Never take the tablets with food.

    2. What happens if I take alcohol while using abiraterone acetate tablets? It is not known if alcohol and abiraterone acetate interact with each other. Therefore, talk to your doctor if you cannot avoid drinking.

    3. Is it safe to use abiraterone acetate tablets during pregnancy? It is not safe to take the abiraterone acetate tablets during pregnancy as it can produce serious effects on the fetus. Talk to your doctor for help.

    4. What is the dose of abiraterone acetate tablets for prostate cancer in adults? Normally, a single dose of 1000mg of abiraterone acetate tablet is to be taken for the treatment of prostate cancer in adults. However, ask your doctor for the dose suitable for you.

    5. What precautions should a caretaker of the abiraterone acetate treated patient take? As abiraterone acetate can enter into the fluids such as vomiting, feces, and urine, the caretaker should wear protective gloves while handling the patient.

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