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Asthalin 4 Mg Tablet 10

Asthalin 4 Mg Tablet 10


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    USES :

    Asthalin contains salbutamol which is a bronchodilator. Salbutamol USES include prevention, improvement, and treatment of asthma, bronchospasm, and other respiratory disorders. It is also used to delay the delivery in women undergoing premature labour.

    How does the drug work?

    Salbutamol stimulates certain receptors located on the smooth muscles of the lung. This leads to the activation of an enzyme called cyclic AMP. It relaxes the bronchial muscles and decreases the airway resistance. Thus, salbutamol dilates the bronchi and used as a medicine to relieve shortness of breath, asthma, and other lung disorders.

    What are the common side effect?

    The asthalin side effects include feeling bit shaky, flushing, muscle cramps, dryness of mouth (only with salbutamol inhaler), restlessness, dizziness, and hypokalemia.

    Important Info Take the medication as per the instructions given by the doctor. Patients who are allergic to salbutamol or the drugs of the similar class should not take the salbutamol medication. Do not discontinue the medication without consulting the doctor. Asthalin is available in different dosage forms such as tablet, syrup, inhaler, and injection. Salbutamol when given by nebulizer, it increases the blood sugar levels. Therefore, continuous monitoring is required. Salbutamol must be used with caution in the patients with heart diseases, low potassium levels, seizures, and thyroid disease.

    FAQs :

    1. I am diagnosed with hypertension. Can I use salbutamol to relieve from shortness of breath? Salbutamol may cause additional complications when used in the people with hypertension. Talk to your doctor before using the drug.

    2. What are the signs and symptoms of overdose? The signs and symptoms of overdose include severe muscle cramps, increased heart rate, and weakness. Consult your doctor immediately, if you experience the above symptoms.

    3. Can I take the salbutamol along with atenolol? No. Atenolol is a beta blocker which constricts the airways and worsens the condition. However, you must consult your doctor before using the drug.

    4. Can I use salbutamol during pregnancy? The safety of salbutamol in pregnancy is not yet established. It is only used when the benefits outweigh the risks. You must seek medical advice before using the drug.

    5. Is Asthalin inhaler similar to Budecort inhaler in action? No. Asthalin belongs to the class of drugs called bronchodilators, and Budecort belongs to corticosteroids. But, both the drugs are used for the treatment of asthma and other respiratory diseases.

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