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Benakof 500/5/</p><p><b>2</b>.5 Mg Tablet 10

Benakof 500/5/

2.5 Mg Tablet 10


    • Rs. 45.76

    USES :

    Diphenhydramine is used in relieving the symptoms of allergy such as runny nose, itching of the nose and throat, watery eyes, hay fever, and sneezing. It is also used for motion sickness.

    How does the drug work?

    Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine and it belongs to a class of drugs known as H1 receptor antagonists. It works by blocking the action of histamine, which results in reducing the symptoms of watery eyes, running nose etc.

    What are the common side effect?

    The common side effects of diphenhydramine are nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, dizziness, dry mouth, thickened respiratory tract secretions, nightmare and difficulty in urination.

    Important Info

    • Individuals suffering from kidney disorders such as decreased output of urine, high levels of sodium in the blood etc should inform the doctor before taking Benakof for cough.

    • Avoid consuming alcohol as it may worsen the Benakof side effects.

    • Patients who are allergic to Benakof or its ingredients should not use Benakof syrup.

    • Inform the doctor about the previous medical history and the present medications taken. Administer the Benakof dosage as per the doctor’s prescription.

    • Inform the doctor in case of breathing problems, high blood pressure, swollen ankles or irregular heart beat after taking Benakof drug.

    • Do not give Benakof cough syrup to a child younger than 4 years old.

    • It is unsafe to use Benakof medicine for dry cough during pregnancy, as it may harm the fetus.

    • Consult a doctor before using the cough syrup in case of prolonged cough or asthma.

    FAQs :

    1. Is it better to take diphenhydramine with or without food or empty stomach? Patients can take diphenhydramine with or without food or empty stomach. However, please consult your doctor.

    2. Is diphenhydramine a sedative? It is not used as a sedative drug, though it can produce effects such as sleep and drowsiness.

    3. Does diphenhydramine cause excitation? Diphenhydramine may cause excitation but it may occasionally cause unexpected excitation, increased agitation or hallucinations.

    4. Is diphenhydramine syrup addictive? Prolonged use of diphenhydramine may develop dependence and addiction.

    5. Is it safe to use diphenhydramine during pregnancy? No, it is not safe to use diphenhydramine during pregnancy as it may affect the fetus. However, please consult your doctor.

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