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Betaloc 50 MG Tablet 30

Betaloc 50 MG Tablet 30


    • Rs. 147.00

    Uses :

    Metoprolol uses include treatment of hypertension, chest pain relief (i.e. angina), and irregular heartbeat. It is also used for reducing the risk of death in patients with heart attack.

    Mode of drug action

    Metoprolol is a beta-blocker which reduces the workload of the heart, reducing the chest pain. It reduces the amount of blood pumped by the heart, thus, lowering the blood pressure.

    What are the common side effects?

    The side effects of metoprolol which are commonly experienced by the patients are constipation or diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, gas, headache, heartburn, muscle pain, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, trouble sleeping, unusual tiredness or weakness.


    Pregnancy: Unsafe Breast feeding: Unsafe Alcohol: Unsafe Kidney dysfunction: Caution required Liver dysfunction: Caution required

    Special precautions for safe use

    • Avoid metoprolol tablet if an allergic reaction has been experienced to its ingredients or other drugs of this class in the past.

    • People with certain circulation problems, very slow heart beat, those taking mibefradil drug should not take metoprolol drug.

    • People with heart problems, liver problems, diabetes, and certain kidney tumors should take the metoprolol drug with caution.

    • Extreme caution is required for the use of tab metoprolol in children.

    • Drinking alcohol can increase the metoprolol side effects such as dizziness or drowsiness. Therefore, avoid it while taking metoprolol.

    • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should take metoprolol medicine with caution. This helps to avoid risk to the baby.

    What else should I know?

    1. How should I store metoprolol tablets? Store the tablets at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and children.

    2. Can I suggest metoprolol tablets to any other persons who are having chest pain? You should never prescribe any medicine to others. A doctor will decide the right drug and dosage for his/her patient.

    3. Should I stop taking metoprolol if I feel tired for several days with the drug? It is common to feel tired for few weeks with metoprolol. But you should still continue taking the drug. Talk to your doctor if you develop any other symptoms.

    4. What should I do if have overdose with metoprolol? You may experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, or slow breath, fainting and weakness if you have an overdose with the drug. You should immediately contact a doctor for help.

    5. How can I avoid dizziness with metoprolol? You should change your positions (i.e. sitting or standing or lying down) slowly to prevent dizziness and falls. In the case you feel dizzy, immediately sit down slowly.

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