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Butrum 10 Mg Nasalspray 2.5 Ml

Butrum 10 Mg Nasalspray 2.5 Ml


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    USES: Butorphanol is a painkiller which is used in the treatment of acute pain and moderate to severe pain. It is prescribed mainly for the treatment of post operative pain and for the treatment of dental pain. How does the drug work? Butorphanol belongs to a class of drugs known as opiate or narcotic analgesics. It acts on the certain areas of the brain and the nervous system by blocking the effect of chemicals such as serotonin, nor-epinephrine that ca
    USES pain. Therefore, it is the commonly prescribed drug for acute pain management.
    What are the common side effect?
    The common side effects of Butorphanol include nausea and vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, itching, tremors, increased sweating, agitation, anxiety, and hallucinations.Important Info • Avoid Butrum if any past allergic reactions are noticed with Butrum or its ingredients. • Do not take other medicines that contain analgesic properties while taking Butrum injection. • Do not consume alcohol, as it intensifies the side effects of Butrum. • Patients with severe kidney or liver problem, altered blood pressure,or head injuries should inform the doctor before taking Butrum drug. • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should take doctor’s advice before taking Butrum medicine.
    FAQs :1. What care I should take while using Butrum medicine? You should not drive or perform heavy tasks that require alertness, as Butrum may cause dizziness. 2. What are the drugs that may interact with Butrum? Drugs such as barbiturates, naltrexone, or rifampin may interact with Butrum. It is advised to avoid taking such drugs. 3. Is Butrum safe? Butrum is safe if used in the prescribed dosage. If you are a pregnant or lactating female, please consult your doctor before taking the drug. 4. Can I use Butrum for back pain? Yes, Butrum treats moderate to severe pain such as back pain. 5. Is Butrum addictive? Yes, Butrum may cause addiction if used for long term.
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