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Calmpose 5 MG Tablet 10

Calmpose 5 MG Tablet 10


    • Rs. 15.00

    Uses :

    Diazepam is used in the treatment of anxiety, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In combination with other drugs, it is given to treat seizures.

    Mode of drug action

    Diazepam acts by balancing the chemicals in the brain, thus, controlling the disorders.

    What are the common side effects?

    The side effects which are common with diazepam are drowsiness, weakness, tiredness, and loss of coordination.


    Pregnancy: Unsafe Breast feeding: Unsafe Alcohol: Unsafe Kidney dysfunction: Caution required Liver dysfunction: Caution required

    Special precautions for safe use

    • Calmpose tablet may cause addiction so take exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

    • Do not discontinue Calmpose tablet suddenly without consulting a doctor.

    • Use Calmpose tablet with caution in elder patient because this tablet cause memory loss and confusion.

    • Avoid driving and operating heavy machines while using Calmpose tablet because this tablet cause dizziness.

    • Do not drink alcohol while using Calmpose tablet because it may worsen the side effects.

    What else should I know?

    1. Is diazepam a habit-forming drug? Yes. Diazepam is a habit-forming medicine. So, do not misuse it.

    2. What precautions should be taken by the elderly patients using diazepam? Elderly patients using diazepam are at risk of falls and should take necessary measures suggested by the doctor.

    3. Is diazepam an over-the-counter drug? No. Diazepam is not an over-the-counter drug. It is available only with a prescription.

    4. How long can I take diazepam? Do not take diazepam for more than 4 months unless advised by your doctor.

    5. Can I drive after taking diazepam? Do not drive after taking diazepam due to the possibility of impaired alertness with the drug.

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