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Candid V3 200 Mg Tablet 3

Candid V3 200 MG Tablet 3


    • Rs. 46.00

    Uses :

    Clotrimazole is used to treat athlete’s foot, ringworm, fungal nappy rash and fungal sweat rash. Clotrimazole cream uses also include relief of skin irritation of the vulva or the tip of the penis associated with certain fungal infections.

    Mode of drug action :

    Clotrimazole is a broad-spectrum antifungal drug. It acts by inhibiting the ergosterol synthesis in the fungal cell membrane leading to a structural impairment of the cell membrane and cell death.

    What are the common side effects?

    The common side effects of clotrimazole topical cream include rash, edema, irritation, blisters, and redness, peeling, burning and itching. The rare side effects include allergic reactions such as hives, shortness of breath, hypotension, or fainting, which may occur at high doses.


    Pregnancy: Safe under medical guidance Breast feeding: Safe under medical guidance Kidney dysfunction: Caution required Liver dysfunction: Caution required

    Special precautions for safe use

    • The antifungal Candid V3 medication should not be used by the individuals who are hypersensitive to the drug.

    • Safe use of Candid V3 medication in pregnant women requires supervision of a physician. Lactating women should discontinue the drug considering the benefits and risks, under the guidance of a doctor.

    • Avoid applying Candid V3 medicine if you have recently been vaccinated.

    • Do not wash your hands after treatment if the hands area is a part of the treatment.

    • Candid V3 is available in different dosage forms such as lotions, ointment, and cream.

    • Do not bandage, wrap, or cover the affected area unless suggested.

    • Children below 17years should not use the Candid V3 drug unless recommended by the physician.

    What else should I know?

    1. How should I use the clotrimazole medication? The clotrimazole drug should be applied 2 to 3 times daily. If your feet are infected, you must wash and dry them thoroughly before applying the cream.

    2. Is the clotrimazole dosage different for different age groups? Clotrimazole is similar for all age groups.

    3. For how long should the treatment with clotrimazole drug continue? The duration of treatment can range from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks depending on the type and severity of the infection.

    4. Can I use the clotrimazole cream for vaginal infections? Yes, clotrimazole cream can be used to treat vaginal infection.

    5. Will the condoms work effectively if I use clotrimazole medicine on my penis? The efficacy of rubber contraceptives may get reduced with the use of clotrimazole. So, it is advisable to use alternative protection while on clotrimazole medication.

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