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Cepenta Eye Drops 5 Ml

Cepenta Eye Drops 5 Ml


    • Rs. 45.00

    USES :

    Cyclopentolate is used for dilation of the eyes during examination or before surgery. It also prevents eye from focusing. Cyclopentolate is also used for inflammation of uvea, middle layer of the eye.

    How does the drug work?

    Cyclopentolate belongs to the class called anti cholinergics of mydriatic group. It acts by dilating the pupil by relaxing the muscles of the eye. It widens the pupil and allows examining the eye clearly.

    What are the common side effect?

    The commonly reported side effects of cyclopentolate are burning, stinging, redness of the eye, eye irritation, blurred vision, confusion, fainting, and vision changes.

    Important Info

    • Patients with allergic reactions to any of the Cepenta ingredients in the past should inform to the doctor before taking the drug.

    • Cepenta increases the risk of dehydration. Patients should consume adequate fluids to maintain hydration.

    • Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while taking Cepenta drug as it may cause dizziness and visual disturbances.

    • Use Cepenta medication with caution while wearing contact lenses. Maintain at least 10-15 minutes gap to re-insert contact lens after using Cepenta eye drops.

    • Patients using more than one ophthalmic drug should maintain at least ten minutes gap before using Cepenta drug.

    • Do not use Cepenta drug for acute angle-closure glaucoma, as the condition intensifies may worsen.

    • Patients planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding should inform the doctor before taking Cepenta medication.

    FAQs :

    1. Is it safe to take alcohol while using cyclopentolate? There are no adverse effects reported for cyclopentolate medication with alcohol. However, consult your doctor for safe use of the medication.

    2. Is it safe to use cyclopentolate along with pilocarpine? No. The combination of pilocarpine and cyclopentolate is unsafe and should be avoided.

    3. Can cyclopentolate be used for mountain sickness? Yes. Cyclopentolate can be used to treat mountain sickness. Talk with your doctor before using the drug for mountain sickness.

    4. Does cyclopentolate treat seizures? Yes. Cyclopentolate can treats symptoms of seizures by blocking nerve discharges that contribute to seizures.

    5. In which conditions, I should avoid cyclopentolate? Patients with adrenal gland problems, low blood potassium and sodium levels, kidney and liver problems (cirrhosis), or other electrolyte problems should avoid cyclopentolate drug.

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