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Czen Syrup 30 Ml

Czen Syrup 30 Ml


    • Rs. 21.50

    USES :

    Cetirizine uses include relief from running nose, cold or allergy symptoms, itching eyes, and nose. Cetirizine is used to treat swelling and itching caused by hives.

    How does the drug work?

    Cetirizine is a histamine receptor blocker which is used to treat allergic symptoms. H1 receptor sites are present on T-cells, B-cells, and monocytes. Stimulation of H1 receptors leads to the sign and symptoms associated with inflammation. Cetirizine blocks naturally occurring histamine that causes allergic reactions.

    What are the common side effect?

    The common cetirizine side effects are drowsiness, dry mouth, stomach pain mainly in children, and severe dizziness. Cetirizine may also cause a sore throat, cough, constipation, and headache.

    Important Information for use

    • People with bone marrow depression should not use Zepcar CR medicine.

    • Avoid the Zepcar CR drug if an allergic reaction was seen with an earlier use of carbamazepine.

    • Do not take any other antidepressant drugs along with Carbafen tablet. If a MAO-inhibitor drug was used in the past 14 days, then do not take Zepcar CR.

    • Call the doctor immediately in the case of skin rash, unusual weakness, bleeding and fever. This is because of the chances of Carbafen side effects such as life-threatening skin rash.

    • Continue the Zepcar CR medication for the full length prescribed by the doctor.

    • Pregnant women should not start or stop using Zepcar CR unless instructed by the doctor.

    • Don’t get exposed to sunlight due to the risk of sunburn with Zepcar CR.

    • Do not take grapefruit juice while using Zepcar CR.

    FAQs :

    1. What happens if I have an overdose of cetirizine? Over dosage of cetirizine causes restlessness, nervousness or heavy drowsiness.

    2. I am on herbal medications. Can I use cetirizine tablet? Cetirizine reactions with herbal products are not known. However, discuss with your doctor before taking cetirizine.

    3. What is the cetirizine dose for adults? Cetirizine dosage and cetirizine uses may differ from person to person. Consult your doctor and use cetirizine tablet as prescribed.

    4. Are there any specific storage conditions for cetirizine? Cetirizine HCl should be stored at 20-250c. Do not refrigerate. Keep away from the reach of infants.

    5. Is cetirizine used as a decongestant? No, Cetirizine is an antihistamine drug.

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