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Eno Tablet 4

Eno Tablet 4


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    USES :

    The contents of Eno antacid include sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate and citric acid anhydrous. Sodium bicarbonate is an electrolyte. It is used for heartburn, and acidity relief. It is also used as a medication for indigestion and bloating. It gives a quick relief from stomach acidity and is considered, the best treatment for acidity, at home. Eno helps replenish the bicarbonate ions in the body in case of metabolic acidosis. Sodium bicarbonate is useful in the treatment of excessive muscle spasms. Eno fruit salt, contains sodium carbonate which is an electrolyte replenisher .It is used in the treatment of metabolic acidosis, diabetes, and severe dehydration. It is used in severe diarrhea, treatment of drug intoxications, and hemolytic reactions that requires alkalinization of the urine. Citric acid is used in the management of chronic metabolic acidosis, it is used as a synergist to improve the efficacy of antioxidants, used in the treatment of dry mouth. Citric acid has the ability to dissolve the renal stones and prevents encrustation of urinary catheters.

    How does the drug work?

    Sodium bicarbonate is an antacid which is present as an ingredient in Eno. It works by neutralizing excess acid in the blood. Therefore, it is used for heartburn and indigestion associated with hyperacidity. Sodium bicarbonate also normalizes excess acid in the body fluids. A sodium carbonate anhydrous act by increasing the plasma carbonate levels, buffer the excess amounts of hydrogen ion concentrations, increases the blood pH and alleviates the symptoms of metabolic acidosis. Citric acid is a weak organic acid that is found in fruits. It works as a preservating agent. Citrate salts acts as alkalinisers.

    What are the common side effect?

    The most common side effects of Sodium bicarbonate include nausea, vomiting, altered taste, muscle pain and twitch, fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, mood swings, frequent urination, rapid breathing, and limb swelling. The common side effects of sodium carbonate include stomach upset, difficulty in breathing, skin irritation, abdominal pain, and shock The common side effects of citric acid include irritation and teeth erosion.

    Important Info Eno when mixed with water gives an effervescent drink that gives a quick temporary relief from stomach acidity and acid refluxes. It starts its action just in 6 seconds. It is contraindicated in the patients with heart diseases and in whom, low salt in recommended. It is recommended not to take Eno medicine for more than 14 days. Do not take more dose than the recommended. Avoid taking the powder if it is solidified. Do not dissolve Eno drug in fruit juices before consumption, take the drug as mentioned, i.e., with water. Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers must consult the doctor and then use the drug if required.

    FAQs :sodium bicarbonate

    1. Will sodium bicarbonate dissolve in water? Yes, it dissolves in water and normalizes the acid in the stomach to relieve heartburn and the associated indigestion.

    2. Can I use sodium bicarbonate to de-stain my teeth? Yes, sodium bicarbonate removes surface stains on the teeth.

    3. Does sodium bicarbonate reduce my blood pressure? No, sodium bicarbonate increases your blood pressure when take in large amounts.

    4. I am taking corticosteroids. Can I co-administer sodium bicarbonate? No, concomitant use of both the drugs decreases the effectiveness of corticosteroids.

    5. What are the severe side effects of sodium bicarbonate intake? The severe side effects of sodium bicarbonate include swelling of face, tongue and lips. Seek the medical attention immediately in case of such side effects. sodium carbonate

    1. Is sodium carbonate used as a topical cleansing agent? Yes, sodium carbonate is used as a topical cleansing agent. Therefore it is also called as (washing soda).

    2. Do I experience high blood pressure due to over dosage of sodium carbonate? No. you may develop low blood pressure in case of overdosing of sodium carbonate.

    3. Does the drug give permanent relief from indigestion and heartburn? No, it gives a temporary relief from indigestion and heartburn.

    4. Is Eno an ayurvedic drug? Yes, Eno is an ayurvedic drug.

    5. How many days can I use the Drug? Eno can be used for not more than 14 days. citric acid

    1. Can citric acid in Eno cause gut irritation? Yes, you may feel irritation in the gut.

    2. I am intolerant to lactose. Does Eno contain lactose? No, Eno does not contain lactose.

    3. I am on lithium drug. Can citric acid in Eno interact if I take co-administer? Yes, the effectiveness of lithium is decreased if taken along with Eno.

    4. Can I give Eno powder to my 10-year-old child? No, Eno is indicated only for those who are above 12 years of age.

    5. Can a heart disease patient take Eno? No, heart disease patients cannot take Eno.

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