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Friends Diaper Pants (M-L)

Friends Premium Adult Diaper Pants M-L 10pcs


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    Friends Adult Diaper Pants has a super absorbent capacity, with wetness indicator, absorbent pad helps to prevent fluid flowing back, turns fluid into a gel. It provides 8 hours protection to give a dry comfort. It comes in woven and non-woven rayon covers which reduce skin irritation.
    Ideal for bedridden, old or suffer from medical conditions that require them to wear diapers.

    Benefits of Friends Adult Diaper Pants:

    • High absorbency

    • Moisture absorbent

    • Skin-friendly

    • Highly comfortable

    • Easily disposable


    Medium to Large

    Waist Size:

    65 cms - 100 cms

    No. of pants per package:



    • Avoid applying powder or cream before wearing a diaper as they reduce the diaper's absorbency.

    • It is recommended to change the diaper every 8-10 hours for maximum protection

    Disposing Instructions:

    • Don't flush the diaper in the toilet

    • Fold and wrap the diaper in a paper and dispose of it in a covered waste bin.

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