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Januvia 100 Mg Tablet 7

Januvia 100 Mg Tablet 7


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    USES :

    Sitagliptin is used to treat type 2 diabetes, and is prescribed along with regular exercises and low cholesterol diet. It helps control high blood sugar levels which help to prevent kidney damage, blindness, loss of limbs, nerve problems, and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

    How does the drug work?

    Sitagliptin is an anti-diabetic drug that works by increasing the levels of incretins. Incretins are the naturally occurring substances in the body. Incretins help to control blood sugar levels by increasing insulin release from the pancreas, particularly after the meal.

    What are the common side effect?

    The most common side effects of sitagliptin are acne-like rash, hormone imbalance, allergic reaction, slow growth in children and teenagers, loss of appetite, running nose, nasal congestion, joint pain, and sore throat.

    Important Information for use

    • People with bone marrow depression should not use Zepcar CR medicine.

    • Avoid the Zepcar CR drug if an allergic reaction was seen with an earlier use of carbamazepine.

    • Do not take any other antidepressant drugs along with Carbafen tablet. If a MAO-inhibitor drug was used in the past 14 days, then do not take Zepcar CR.

    • Call the doctor immediately in the case of skin rash, unusual weakness, bleeding and fever. This is because of the chances of Carbafen side effects such as life-threatening skin rash.

    • Continue the Zepcar CR medication for the full length prescribed by the doctor.

    • Pregnant women should not start or stop using Zepcar CR unless instructed by the doctor.

    • Don’t get exposed to sunlight due to the risk of sunburn with Zepcar CR.

    • Do not take grapefruit juice while using Zepcar CR.

    FAQs :

    1. When should I avoid using sitagliptin? Patients should not use sitagliptin in of type 1 diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis (high levels of blood ketone levels).

    2. I used saxagliptin in the past and experienced face and throat swelling. Can I use sitagliptin? No, you may have the same side effects with sitagliptin too. Talk to the doctor before using the drug.

    3. What are the drugs that may interact with sitagliptin? Drugs such as sulfonylurea, meglitinides, insulin, and digoxin may interact with sitagliptin drug, because the risk of their side effects may be increased by sitagliptin.

    4. I have had inflammation of the pancreas. Can I use sitagliptin drug? No, you should not use sitagliptin drug. Discuss with the doctor about the risks and benefits of the drug.

    5. Can I consume alcohol while taking sitagliptin medication? No, taking sitagliptin along with alcohol may affect blood glucose levels.

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