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Kiva Amla Juice - Healthy Shots

Kiva Amla Juice - 6Pcs Healthy Shots


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    Quick Overview
    The King of ayurvedic herbs!
    One of the richest source of Vitamin C and other nutrients like Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and Vitamin B Complex. Ayurveda claims that Amla is a natural immunity booster and great for skin, hair and blood purification. Also used for generations in India to provide a shield against chest infections, cold, asthma, stress and fatigue.

    Skip your morning orange juice, move to the wonderful Amla that packs 10 times as much Vitamin C as an orange!


    • Helps in maintaining weight and cholesterol level
    • Treats acne, pimples and other skin woes
    • Prevents hair problems like hair fall, greying hair, etc.
    • Helps to improve immunity

    Key Ingredients: Amla Juice, Ginger Juice, Honey

    Nutritional Information (per 40ml):


    19.89 Kcal


    0.08 g


    4.89 g


    0.0 g


    4.15 g

    Dietary Fibre

    0.06 g


    16 mg


    136 mg


    2.4 mg


    0.15 mg

    Vitamin C

    98 mg


    How to Consume: One shot every morning (preferably before breakfast)

    Pack of 6 shots, 40ml per shot

    Shelf Life: 6 months from date of manufacture.

    Caution: Kiv is safe and recommended for everyone across age groups. However, if you have a special condition (for example, are a pregnant or nursing mother) or are being treated for a medical condition, we recommend you check with your doctor first.

    About Brand
    Kiv is a ready to drink ayurvedic shot meant for daily consumption. It lets you embrace the health benefits of Ayurveda while being tasty and hassle-free.

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