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Kubik D2 10/20 Mg Tablet 10

Kubik D2 10/20 Mg Tablet 10


    • Rs. 39.00

    USES :

    Pantoprazole sodium uses include; healing or prevention of the erosive esophagitis, gastric or duodenal ulcers, Helicobacter pylori infection, and gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). Apart from acidity relief, pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate tablet is used for preventing peptic ulcer that may occur as a side effect in the patients taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Sometimes, the excess acid produced in the stomach can flow back into the esophagus causing pain and burning sensation (heartburn or GERD). Domperidone uses include management of dyspepsia and relief from nausea and vomiting. It is used for gastrointestinal emptying, heartburn, bloating, and belching.

    How does the drug work?

    Pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate belongs to a class of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors. Pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate acts by reducing the production of stomach acid, stopping its backflow and relieving heartburn symptoms. Pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate reduces the acid production in the stomach by inhibiting the action of proton pumps (which are the ion channels, found on the cells lining the stomach). Domperidone is a distinct blocker of dopamine receptors. Domperidone facilitates gastric emptying by increasing esophageal and gastric peristalsis. The antiemetic property is also related to dopamine receptor blocking activity, as domperidone has a high affinity for D2 and D3 dopamine receptors. These receptors are found in the chemoreceptor trigger zone usually present outside the blood-brain barrier that regulates nausea and vomiting.

    What are the common side effect?

    The pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate side effects include excessive tiredness, high body temperature, headache, joint pain, dry mouth, dizziness, rashes or itching, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, blurred vision, vertigo and bloating. The common side effects of domperidone are diarrhea, drowsiness, difficulty in speaking, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, and problems with breathing, breast pain, and breast tenderness.

    Important Information for use

    • People with bone marrow depression should not use Zepcar CR medicine.

    • Avoid the Zepcar CR drug if an allergic reaction was seen with an earlier use of carbamazepine.

    • Do not take any other antidepressant drugs along with Carbafen tablet. If a MAO-inhibitor drug was used in the past 14 days, then do not take Zepcar CR.

    • Call the doctor immediately in the case of skin rash, unusual weakness, bleeding and fever. This is because of the chances of Carbafen side effects such as life-threatening skin rash.

    • Continue the Zepcar CR medication for the full length prescribed by the doctor.

    • Pregnant women should not start or stop using Zepcar CR unless instructed by the doctor.

    • Don’t get exposed to sunlight due to the risk of sunburn with Zepcar CR.

    • Do not take grapefruit juice while using Zepcar CR.

    FAQs :pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate

    1. What should I do if I miss a dose? If you forget to take the medication at the usual time, you must take it as soon as you remember. If it is time for the next dose, you must skip the missed dose.

    2. Are there any storage precautions for pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate? Store the medication at room temperature (25°C) and keep it away from direct heat. Keep the drug out of reach of children.

    3. What long-term effects I might experience with pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate? Use of pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate for more than one year may increase your risk of bone fractures and vitamin B12 deficiency.

    4. Is pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate an antacid? No, pantoprazole is not an antacid it is a proton pump inhibitor. Pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate reduces the production of acid in stomach whereas antacid neutralizes the acids present in the stomach.

    5. Can I take any other medications along with pantoprazole sodium sesquihydrate? Yes, it is safe to take other medications if prescribed by your doctor. However, avoid taking ketoconazole and other anti-fungal, warfarin, atazanavir and erlotinib. Domperidone

    1. Is domperidone a laxative? No, it does not have any property of laxative; it is a medication for treating bloating and abdominal discomfort.

    2. What is the safe domperidone dosage for children? Children below 10 years are not prescribed domperidone tablets. Talk to the doctor to know about the safe doses for children.

    3. How often can I take domperidone tablet? Take domperidone tablets as prescribed by your doctor. Take the drug 15-20 minute before the meals, and if needed take before going to bed.

    4. Does domperidone affect blood pressure levels? The alteration of blood pressure levels are not reported, if you experience any changes in your blood pressure levels, consult your doctor immediately.

    5. I am on antiviral drugs. Can I use domperidone tablet? No, domperidone should not be taken with antivirals as it can cause drug-drug interaction.

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