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Microdase 20 Mg Tablet 10

Microdase 20 Mg Tablet 10


    • Rs. 88.50


    Serratiopeptidase is used in the treatment of conditions associated with pain and inflammation. Serratiopeptidase is the preferred drug to treat migraine headache, pulsating headaches. It is also used to treat pain associated with muscles, bones, and joints. Serratiopeptidase is used for treating conditions such as sinusitis, laryngitis, sore throat, ear infections, thrombophlebitis, swelling after surgery, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease.

    How does the drug work ?

    Serratiopeptidase is an enzyme which relieves pain and inflammation by breaking down the chemical mediators that are involved in causing pain and inflammation.

    What are the common side effects ?

    The common side effects of serratiopeptidase include abnormal blood cell count, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, skin redness, blisters on the skin, running nose, diarrhea, and liver damage.

    Important Information for Safe Use:

    • Microdase should not be used by the individuals with a history of allergic reactions to the active ingredients.

    • Smoking and alcohol consumption can increase the risk of the condition when Microdase medicine is taken.

    • Pregnant women should not use Microdase unless it is considered essential by a doctor.

    • Breastfeeding women may use the drug by taking proper precautions such as scheduling the feeding and taking the medication with a maximum time gap.

    • Microdase is not for use in children below 6 years of age.

    • Use of Microdase can interact with certain over-the-counter drugs and prescription medicines. Therefore, a physician's consultation is necessary for co-administration of other drugs.

    • Microdase side effects such as nausea and heartburn are dose-related. Therefore, do not exceed the prescribed dose and duration.

    • Read the information on the drug written on the label thoroughly for safe use.


    1. Is serratiopeptidase an addictive drug? No. Serratiopeptidase is not an addictive drug.

    2. Is serratiopeptidase safe? Serratiopeptidase is relatively a safe drug for adults and children if taken in the prescribed dose. In the case of pregnancy and lactation, please consult your doctor before taking the drug.

    3. Is serratiopeptidase similar to aceclofenac? No, serratiopeptidase is an enzyme where as aceclofenac is NSAIDs. But both the drugs are used in the treatment of pain and inflammation.

    4. Is serratiopeptidase banned in India? No, serratiopeptidase is available in India as a prescription drug.

    5. What are the special precautions to be followed before taking serratiopeptidase? Avoid serratiopeptidase if you have bleeding disorders and stop using this drug at least 2 weeks before the surgery.

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