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Myotop Dsr Tablet 5

Myotop Dsr Tablet 5


    • Rs. 135.00

    Uses :

    Tolperisone Tolperisone is used to treat muscle related problems such as muscle spasticity, stiffness and rigidity of muscles, muscular contraction associated with multiple sclerosis, and myelopathy. Additionally, it is used as an analgesic. Diclofenac Diclofenac is used for stiffness, swelling, and joints pain caused by arthritis. It is also used for the acute and chronic treatment of symptoms of osteoarthritis. Diclofenac is used as an analgesic in some minor surgeries such as dental.

    Mode of drug action :

    Tolperisone Tolperisone is a muscle relaxant. Tolperisone acts by blocking voltage-gated sodium and calcium channels at the reticular formation of the central nervous system. Inhibition of sodium and calcium influx facilitates the muscles to relax. Diclofenac Diclofenac is an NSAID used to reduce inflammation and as a pain reliever. The anti-inflammatory effects are due to inhibition of cyclooxygenase (COX-1 and COX-2). This in turn, inhibits prostaglandin synthesis. Inhibition of the prostaglandin synthesis results in analgesic effects of diclofenac.

    What are the common side effects?

    Tolperisone The commonly reported side effects of tolperisone are swelling of eyes and lips, hypotension, skin rashes, hives, redness of the skin, itching, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, and headache. Diclofenac The common side effects of diclofenac are stomach upset, constipation, discomfort, drowsiness, decrease in urine output, increased bleeding time, itching of skin, epidermal necrolysis, renal dysfunction.


    Pregnancy: Unsafe Alcohol: Unsafe Kidney dysfunction: Caution required Liver dysfunction: Caution required

    Special precautions for safe use

    • Myotop DSR drug should be taken after food with glass of water.

    • Take Myotop DSR drug as prescribed by the doctor.

    • Tolperisone present in Myotop DSR drug may cause drowsiness and hence the patient should avoid driving while on the drug.

    • Patients with a history of allergy or hypersensitivity to other drugs such as lidocaine may be at higher risk of hypersensitivity to Tolmenta D drug containing tolperisone and diclofenac.

    • Avoid taking the drug and notify the doctor if the patient has epilepsy, blurred vision or muscular weakness, viral infection, running nose, asthma, and allergy.

    • Breastfeeding women and women planning for pregnancy should notify the doctor regarding the use of the drug.

    What else should I know?

    1. What are the effects of tolperisone overdose? Ingestion of high doses of tolperisone may cause excitability and may become fatal in some cases.

    2. I am experiencing flatulence while I am on tolperisone. Can I stop using it? Flatulence is the side effect of tolperisone. Report to the doctor if the side effect worsens.

    3. I am hypersensitive to lidocaine. Can I take tolperisone? No, you may be sensitive to tolperisone too.

    4. How to take tolperisone medicine? Tolperisone medicine should be taken after food with a glass full of water.

    5. Is tolperisone tab safe for children? Discuss with the doctor about the risks and benefits of the tolperisone in children. Diclofenac

    1. What are different dosage forms available for diclofenac other than capsule form? Diclofenac is available in different forms such as injectables, topical applicators (powder or ointment), and tablet form.

    2. Is there any alteration in weight with the use of diclofenac? You may reduce weight, as loss of appetite is one of the common diclofenac side effects.

    3. What are the symptoms of overdose? You may have blurred vision, altered consciousness, confusion, depression. To avoid these side effects use the medicine diclofenac as directed by the doctor.

    4. Is diclofenac safe for the children below 12 years of age? No, it is not recommended to take diclofenac for the children younger than 18 years of age.

    5. What should I avoid when using medicine diclofenac? Avoid using other NSAID’s. Do not drink alcohol. Do not use diclofenac if you are allergic to it.

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