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Newnik SP602 Sphygmomanometer / Aneroid Bp Monitor

Newnik SP602 Sphygmomanometer / Aneroid Bp Monitor


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    Quick Overview:

    Keep track of your blood pressure at home with?ÿNewnik?ÿSP602 Sphygmomanometer/Aneroid BP Monitor! This specially designed cuff with the comfortable Velcro strap allows easy measuring in any body type, from slim to obese. Equipped with a high precision gauge, this monitor?ÿattains the accuracy of +- 3 mmHg and features a high-contrast dial for simpler, more accurate readings.

    Key Features:

    • High Precision
    • Euro-type non-stop pin gauge
    • Adjustable zero position
    • Nylon Cuff with D-Ring
    • Clinically Validated & comes with?ÿstethoscope

    Measurement Procedure:

    • Place the stethoscope head over the main artery, underneath the artery mark of cuff
    • With the valve closed, press the bulb and continue pumping to a valve 20-30 mmHg above your normal blood pressure
    • Open the valve to deflate the cuff gradually at a rate of 2-3 mmHg per second
    • Record the onset of Korotkoff sound as the systolic pressure, and the disappearance of these sounds as diastolic pressure
    • After the measurement is completed, fully open the valve to release any remaining air in the cuff.


    • Always deflate cuff completely before storage
    • Do not touch the cuff fabric or parts with a sharp instrument
    • Clean the cuff with a slightly damp sponge or cloth
    • Clean valve and gauge with a soft dry cloth
    • Do not inflate more than 300mg
    • Do not take your blood pressure for more than 3 minutes


    • Measurement range: 0-300 mmHg
    • Cuff Size:?ÿ22-38 cms
    • Accuracy: ?ñ3 mmHg
    • Box Dimensions: 105 x 70 x 180 mm
    • Box?ÿWeight :?ÿ500 gm approx
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