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Onabet Powder 50 Gm

Onabet Powder 50 Gm


    • Rs. 300.00

    Uses :

    Sertaconazole is used to treat athlete’s foot (a fungal infection that occurs between the toes).

    Mode of drug action

    Sertaconazole belongs to the imidazole group of antifungal agent. Sertaconazole inhibits the conversion of lanosterol into ergosterol. Ergosterol is an essential enzyme useful for the synthesis of the fungal cell wall. Inhibition of ergosterol facilitates cellular permeability resulting in the leakage of cellular contents of the fungal cell causing the death of the cell. sertaconazole also inhibits transformations of yeast to mycelial forms and inhibits phospholipids or triglyceride biosynthesis.

    What are the common side effects?

    The most commonly reported side effects of sertaconazole are skin tenderness, oozing, burning sensation, and blister formation at the applied site. The other side effects of sertaconazole include dry skin, scaling, itching, flushing, and redness of the skin.


    Pregnancy: Unsafe Breast feeding: Safe under medical guidance Kidney dysfunction: Caution required Liver dysfunction: Caution required

    Special precautions for safe use

    • Individuals allergic to Onabet or its ingredients should not use the drug.

    • Avoid Onabet to get in contact with eyes, nose, vagina, and other sensitive parts of the body.

    • Sertaconazole nitrate is used with caution in elderly, as they are sensitive to the side effects of Onabet.

    • Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should use Onabet after consulting the doctor.

    • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after the usage of Onabet.

    What else should I know?

    1. Can I use sertaconazole nitrate for ringworm infection? Yes, sertaconazole nitrate is used for ringworm infections.

    2. What are the special dietary instructions I need to follow? Continue the normal diet unless specified by the doctor.

    3. What are the storage conditions of sertaconazole nitrate cream? Keep the medication in a tight container and store at the room temperature. Avoid exposure to excess heat and moisture.

    4. Is sertaconazole nitrate safe for children? Yes, sertaconazole nitrate can be used in children. However, seek necessary medical advice before using the drug.

    5. Is sertaconazole available as over-the-counter drug? No, sertaconazole is a prescription drug.

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