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Pampra Spas Tablet 10

Pampra Spas Tablet 10

Mankind Pharma Ltd

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    Uses :

    Pamabrom is used to treat muscle spasms caused due to muscle cramps, headache and body pains, it also relieves from abdominal discomfort caused due to bloating. It is also used to treat premenstrual and menstrual problems in women. Paracetamol is mainly used to relieve fever and mild to moderate pain. Paracetamol is used to treat the most common conditions such as headache, toothache, ear pain, joint pain, and pain during menstruation. It is also prescribed to treat the discomfort during feverish colds, and flu.

    How does the drug work?

    Pamabrom works by producing a diuretic action in the body that is it increases the urine output in an individual. The excessive water lost in the form of urine helps in controlling gas formation (bloating) of the stomach and relaxes the abdominal muscles. Paracetamol belongs to the class of drugs known as antipyretics (fever reducing) and analgesics (painkiller). Paracetamol acts on the temperature-regulating region of the brain, which results in increased blood flow across the skin which causes sweating and heat loss thereby reducing fever. It acts as a painkiller and reduces the pain by increasing the pain threshold.

    What are the common side effects ?

    The common side effects of Pamabrom medication includes nausea, vomiting, itching of the face and skin, dark and pale urine, stool discolouration, etc. The most common side effects of paracetamol include allergic reactions which may cause skin redness, swelling or rash. It can also cause running nose, facial swelling and blisters on the skin. Overdose can cause adverse symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, abnormal blood cell count, shortness of breath, and liver injury.

    Important Information for Safe Use

    • Avoid using Pampra Spas medication if an allergic reaction was experienced in the past using the drug or other drugs with similar composition.

    • Inform the doctor if the condition such as swelling, itching or inflammation worsens after using Pampra Spas medication.

    • Individuals using antidepressant drugs, sedatives or other narcotic drugs should inform the doctor before taking Pampra Spas medication.

    • If the condition does not subside even after taking Pampra Spas medication see

    • Consult the doctor if the condition does not subside even after taking Pampra Spas medication.

    • Avoid use of Pampra Spas medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    • Avoid using other analgesic medications while using Pampra Spas medication.

    FAQs : Pamabrom

    1. Is pamabrom drug safe to use during pregnancy? No. The use of Pamabrom medication is not advised during pregnancy. Consult the doctor to know more about the use of drug during pregnancy

    2. Can I drive or operate heavy machinery after taking Pamabrom medication? Individuals experiencing dizziness or drowsiness after taking pamabrom medication are advised to avoid driving or handling heavy machinery after taking the drug.

    3. Can I take pamabrom medication before bed time? Pamabrom medication possess diuretic property that may increase frequent visits to the washroom, thus disturbing the quality of sleep.

    4. Who should avoid taking pamabrom medication? Individuals suffering from hypersensitivity reactions, high blood pressure, kidney failure and acute liver disease should avoid taking the drug.

    5. What are the common drugs that interact with pamabrom? Ketoconazole, ramipril, accupril and certain laboratory test may interact with the drug effect. Paracetamol

    1. Is paracetamol safe for my baby with teething pain? Yes, paracetamol can relieve pain in infants and children; it is safe when used in the prescribed dose.

    2. Does paracetamol make me drowsy? No. But when paracetamol is taken in the combination form with other medications such as Ultracet or other cold and cough medications then you may feel drowsy.

    3. Does paracetamol cause death? Yes, chronic use of paracetamol or overdose may severely damage the liver which may lead to death.

    4. Is paracetamol safe during pregnancy? Paracetamol alone is relatively safe but consult your doctor before administering the medication.

    5. Can paracetamol be safely used with other NSAIDs? Yes, paracetamol is safe when taken with other NSAIDS, but take cautiously when co-administering with warfarin.