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Pyxin Kid Tablet 4

Pyxin Kid Tablet 4


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    USES :

    Pyrimethamine is one of the folic acid antagonists and anti-parasite. It is used to treat malarial infection and toxoplasmosis. Sulfadoxine is used in combination therapy for the treatment of bacterial infections related to respiratory and urinary tract.

    How does the drug work?

    Pyrimethamine belongs to groups called antiprotozoals. It works by inhibiting dihydrofolate of malaria parasite,thereby blocks the biosynthesis of purines and pyrimidines. These molecules are essential for DNA synthesis and cell replication. Blocking of these molecules causes parasitic cell to degrade and lower the infection. Sulfadoxine is a long-acting sulfonamide. It inhibits the activity of dihydropteroate synthase, which is essential in the bacillus folate synthesis pathway.

    What are the common side effect?

    The common side effects of pyrimethamine are skin pigmentation, anemia, and change in blood test results, dizziness, headache, vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, nausea, and bruising. The common side effects of Sulfadoxine are abdominal pain, inflammation, headache, ringing in ear, balance disorder, allergy, vertigo, and diarrhea.

    Important Information for use

    • People with bone marrow depression should not use Zepcar CR medicine.

    • Avoid the Zepcar CR drug if an allergic reaction was seen with an earlier use of carbamazepine.

    • Do not take any other antidepressant drugs along with Carbafen tablet. If a MAO-inhibitor drug was used in the past 14 days, then do not take Zepcar CR.

    • Call the doctor immediately in the case of skin rash, unusual weakness, bleeding and fever. This is because of the chances of Carbafen side effects such as life-threatening skin rash.

    • Continue the Zepcar CR medication for the full length prescribed by the doctor.

    • Pregnant women should not start or stop using Zepcar CR unless instructed by the doctor.

    • Don’t get exposed to sunlight due to the risk of sunburn with Zepcar CR.

    • Do not take grapefruit juice while using Zepcar CR.

    FAQs :

    1. I am diagnosed with megaloblastic anemia due to folate deficiency. Can I take pyrimethamine to treat malaria? No, patients with megaloblastic anemia should not take pyrimethamine due to adverse side effects.

    2. What drugs should I avoid while taking pyrimethamine? Drugs such as phenytoin, methotrexate, proguanil, quinine, sulfonamides, and zidovudine should be avoided due to the risk of bone marrow suppression.

    3. How to take pyrimethamine? Pyrimethamine can be taken with or without food, if stomach upset occurs, take the drug with food.

    4. When should I stop taking the drug? The patient should use pyrimethamine for full course of treatment, do not discontinue the drug in the middle of the treatment even if u feel better unless suggested by doctor.

    5. Does pyrimethamine cause risk of cancer? Yes, pyrimethamine increases the risk of cancer. Sulphadoxine

    1. Is it necessary to take sulfadoxine along with pyrimethamine? Sulfadoxine, when used along with pyrimethamine, is very effective towards infection. So it is suggested to take both the drugs.

    2. Is Sulfadoxine a sulfa drug? Yes, Sulfadoxine belongs to sulpha group.

    3. Can I take sulfadoxine along with dapsone? No, sulfadoxine, when taken with dapsone while, have severe adverse effects.

    4. How often should I take this drug? Sulfadoxine drug is not recommended to take for longer period due to high levels of resistance.

    5. I experience constipation while taking sulfadoxine. Should I stop taking the drug? Constipation is the common side effects of sulfadoxine drug. Inform the doctor before the condition worse.

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