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Vissco Active Heating Belt For Ankle

Vissco Active Heating Belt For Ankle


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    VISSCO HOME CARE REMEDIES Orthopaedic Electric Heating Belt For Ankle 1006 is a very commonly prescribed practice in orthopaedics today. The electric ankle orthosis is applied and worn externally to provide support and immobilization of the ankle region to manage pain caused by muscle spasm. The heat provided by the ankle orthosis thus helps soothe sore muscles, decrease joint stiffness and pain for arthritis sufferers and relieves the discomfort in common orthopaedic problems.

    Features Of Active Ankle Heating Belt:

    • Unique ankle support with electric heating for effective treatment

    • Provided with dual thermostat and heavy duty imported heating coil

    • 3 different heat settings controlled by an electronic switch produce the right temperature as required

    • 6 layers of insulated safety making it 100% safe for use

    • Copper insulated and flexible extra long cable provided

    • Two-pin plug with PVC coating on pins for safety against shock 

    • Voltage : 230V 50 Hz AC 45W

    • Manufacturer does not provide a box for the Ankle orthosis


    • For relieving pain and discomfort in the ankl

    • For providing relief to stiff and sore muscles from an intensive workou

    • For providing support and immobilizing the ankle area

    • For providing heat therapy to inflamed joints and relieving muscle strain

    • For helping soothe sore muscles, decrease joint stiffness and increase flexibility

    • For increasing blood flow to provide oxygen and nutrients to heal damaged muscle tissues

    • For stimulating sensation in the skin to decrease pain signals being transmitted by the brain

    • For providing heat for effective treatment of ankle pain


    • Do not sleep with the electric ankle orthosis when worn.

    • Disconnect main cord from power when not in use.

    • Do not leave power supply on when not attended.

    • Do not use the electric ankle orthosis on wet skin.

    • Keep away from moisture or water.

    • Do not pull the power cord.

    • Avoid sharp or metal objects to be fastened on the electric ankle orthosis.

    • Keep away from infants, children and pets.

    • Use only for 15 minutes at a time.

    Direction for Use:

    As instructed by the doctor

    Net Package:

    1 Piece


    • Keep away from direct sunlight

    • Store in dry place

    • Keep away from children

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